joe (powerpoo) wrote,

Frozen Empire Media CD BLOWOUT Sale!

Frozen Empire Media CD BLOWOUT Sale!

The Following CD's from the FEM Back Catalog of releases are now available at discount . . .

All CD's are $5.00 each
All CD EP's are $4.00 each

[FEMCD1] Suspicion Breeds Confidence - Nyugodt - CD
[FEMCD2] Various Artists - Colliding Frequencies 2 - CD
[FEMCD3] Kreptkrept - Irregular Dark Beat - CD
[FEMCD4] Antigen Shift - Implicit Structures - CD
[FEMCD5] Tamarin - The Nationalist - CD
[FEMCD6] Totakeke - Lament - CD.EP
[FEMCD7] Minion - Depression, Love & Triumph - CD
[FEMCD8] Red Reflection - Prelude to Annihilation - CD
[FEMCD9] Antigen Shift - Next to Departed - CD.EP
[FEMCD10] Totakeke - At the Train Station on a Saturday Evening - CD
[FEMCD11] Velapene Screen - Medical Breaths - CD

All CD's are brand new / unplayed and still in their original shrink wrap.

Please email with a list of the CD's you would like to order. You will then receive an payment request invoice via Paypal.

Thanks for looking!

- Joe / Frozen Empire Media
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