joe (powerpoo) wrote,

New Arrivals @ Frozen Empire Toys >>

Some new addition's to the mailorder at Frozen Empire Toys for anyone who might be interested . . .

3" and 10" + 3" Trexi Set by Huck Gee

Firefly GID Treeson and 3" Mini/Keychain Treeson by Crazy Label

Get Small SF Mini Figures by Ningyoushi / Upper Playground

Sho-Po Plops by Kozik / Ningyoushi - Blind Boxes and Open Box Figures

UniPo Series 1 by Unklbrand

All this plus some other goodies have been recently added to the site.
Be sure to keep your eye's peeled to the FET website for some other great releases that will be added in coming days/weeks, just in time for the holiday season!

- - - -

Frozen Empire Toys

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